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Marmot Land at the Kaltenbach Ski Lodge

The Zillertal‘s #1 fun destination for young &  young-at-heart, located right at the Zillertal Höhenstraße mountain road, at 1,800m altitude.

Great attractions:
Marmot burrows: at the natural compound, you can watch the marmot families go about their daily errands!

Kids‘ playground: the perfect venue to have a blast and meet and play with other kids, climb, play ball, etc.

Zillertaler Höhenstraße: the panoramic mountain road leads past right next to us. 

The Kaltenbacher ski lodge: the ideal place to have a refreshment, or to chill out after a day full of hiking and/or skiing fun.

Petting zoo: adorable little animals that love a nice cuddle and a treat or two! 

The Balance Trail: keep your balance on this wacky path to test and train your balancing skills, your agility and your coordination! Splashing water fun feat. water wheel, barrages, and more…

Hiking trails: the Kaltenbach ski lodge is the hub to a number of beautiful hiking trails leading to the summits located in the area. For instance, it takes about 60 minutes to get to the Gedrechter summit (2,217m). 

Watch tower: the perfect vantage point for the whole of the Marmot Land, granting a spectacular view on the surrounding mountain landscape and into the Zillertal. 

Insider tips & tips of any other kind: Milk the Marmot: get this adorable, whistling and yodeling plushy as well as your own Marmot Land hot chocolate mug at the Kaltenbach ski lodge! 

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“Murmelland” (“Marmot Land”) · Kaltenbacher Schihütte
6272 Kaltenbach
Neuhütten 8

Tel. +43 676 6104250
Fax: +43 5283 29160

Price range: Free admission!

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