Alpenstraßen - Erlebnis mit Panoramagenuss

Alpenstraße Adventure Ride Schlegeis - – Schlegeisstausee (dam lake)

Just a few kilometers south of Mayrhofen, at the idyllic town of Ginzling, that‘s where the 16 km long road called Alpenstraße begins (from 1,000 - 1,790 m of altitude). Through the Zemmtal valley, you can access the fascinating high-altitude world of the Zillertal Alps. After the toll station, you traverse the valley of the Zamser brook, surrounded by stone pine forests, mountain blossoms, and waterfalls. The Schlegeisstausee dam lake is an ideal hub for recreational walks and inspirational mountain hikes. Open from mid May to end of October; www.verbund-tourismus.at 


· Motorcycles € 8,00 

· Cars up to 5 pass. € 12,00 · Busses 15 Pass. + € 3,20/P. 

· Toll share for Christophorus Bus € 2,80/P. 

· 10-ticket batches (reduced)  € 95,00 

• STILLUPSPEICHER (water storage)

The Stilluptal valley has got a max. slope of 15%. At the end of the toll road, at 1,116 m altitude, the picturesque Stillupspeicher is located. From here, you can comfortably hike on to the Grüne-Wand-Hütte chalet. From there, it‘s another two hours‘ hike to the “Kasseler Hütte” (also a chalet), located at 2,178 m. An on-demand bus is also available to ride up to the Grüne-Wand-Hütte directly. Open from mid May to end of October.

per car € 7,00 (open for traffic only up to “Gh. Wasserfall”) · per motorcycle € 2,50 

• The “Gerlos Alpenstraße” (alpine road)

The “Gerlos Alpenstraße” is open for traffic all year through, and it offers a wonderful ride through the Gerlospass (road toll: € 9.00 per vehicle), which is the connecting road between Tyrol and Salzburg. Cherish the magnificent landscape of the hill marshes (a natural reserve) at the Passhöhe summit, edutain yourself with the informative billboards along the mountain-side bridge, and marvel at the grandiose view on the waterfalls of Krimml – the tallest in all of Europe! www.gerlosstrasse.at

· Motorcycles € 6,00 

· Cars up to 8 passengers € 9,00 

· Busses per adult pass. € 1,70 

· Busses per child (ages 6-15) € 0,80 

· Minimum toll per bus € 10,20 


From Mayrhofen to Bärenbad, a narrow road winds through the Zillergrund valley – widely lauded as the greatest cycling and hiking ground in the whole valley. In order to keep noise and smog out, motorized traffic in the area is strictly limited: a mere 100 cars are allowed to pass through the Zillergrund every day! The bus is the convenient vehicle of choice to transport you way up to the dam wall of the Zillergründl dam lake. Open from mid May to end of October; www.zillergrund.com 

· Motorcycles € 4,00 

· Cars € 7,60 · Busses per passenger € 1,00 

· Toll share (one-way) € 0,50 

· Toll share (round trip) € 1,00 


One of the most beautiful alpine roads in all of Austria, stretching from 550 to 2,020 meters of altitude. Experience the jaw-droppingly
gorgeous panoramic view on the Zillertal Alps and the vibrant nature inhabiting them! Mountain inns invite you to have a little rest and a hearty refreshment. Ascending and descending roads are locateed (valley-inward) in Ried, Kaltenbach, Aschau, Zellberg, and Hippach. Length: 48 km, built in 1963. Open from mid May to end of October; www.zillertaler-hoehenstrasse.com

· Motorcycles € 5,00 

· Cars up to 6 pass. € 8,00 

· Minibusses u. t. 12 p. € 17,00 

· Busses € 22,00 

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