Traditional gray cheese

Traditionell hergestellt seit Generationen

Traditional gray cheese

Traditional gray cheese from the “ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal” even today is essentially made the same way as it was made during medieval times, up on the mountain pasture huts throughout the Zillertal. Gray cheese matures for at least 6 days, up to 12 weeks – depending on one‘s preference. Gray cheese matures from the outside in, so the core remains white and moist even after months-long maturation! Depending on the maturation time, the blueish greenish gray edible mold starts showing at the surface and may then permeate the cheese toward the inside. It‘s the color of the mold that gave the cheese its name. The mature cheese tastes slightly sour, naturally rustic, with a strong nutty, even spicy edge. Traditionally, it is served with vinegar, oil and chopped onions. It‘s also part of many traditional dishes such as the “Zillertaler Krapfen” (a savory pastry), “Presskn.del” (savory dumplings), gray cheese cream soup, Schlichter noodles, among many others. Our gray cheese is sold right at the farmstead of the “ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal”, while the farmstead‘s own restaurant serves traditional dishes made from this delicious rustic specialty. Thanks to an innovative packaging and sealing system, you can now even have it delivered straight to your door, by ordering it at

In der Heumilchsennerei Fügen sind Sie zu einem informativen Einblick in die Arbeitswelt der Sennerei eingeladen. Der Besuch lohnt sich für die ganze Familie. Beobachten Sie den Käsemeister, wie er frische Heumilch zu Qualitätsprodukten und Zillertaler Graukäse verarbeitet.


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