Kulinarium - Speisen im Zillertal

Von der Almhütte am Berg bis zum Gourmet-Tempel

Ranging from simple, rustic delights at cozy mountain huts to fine dining at award-winning restaurants downtown: food is a cultural pillar of the Zillertal. The traditional Zillertal cuisine with its many rustic recipes usually gets the leading part: “Graukassuppe” (gray cheese cream soup), “Schlichtanudeln” (noodles), “Zillertaler Krapfen” (savory pastry), and Zerggl (fried cheese pancakes) are staples just as much as even older dishes, such as “Bauernbratl” (roast meat), “Kas- und Spinat-Spazlang” (cheese and spinash noodles), “Melchamuas” (a pancake), and “Buttermilchschmarrn” (a dessert with buttermilk). However, if you prefer a more international menu, you definitely won‘t go hungry either! The hotel business in the valley is renowned for offering excellent international haute cuisine, garnering awards from around the globe. Of course, this includes the Italian, Chinese, and French cuisines, and in particular, a broad assortment of sweet dishes from the Austrian cuisine outside of Tyrol. Zillertal – the culinary experience.



Ingridients: 300 g rye flour, 1 tbsp canola oil, . tsp salt, wheat flour to flatten the „Krapfenblattl“, 500 g floury potatoes, 60 g quark, 60 g grey cheese, . ball whey cheese, 50 g onions - grated, . bundle wild chives - chopped, salt, pepper, milk, clarified butter for deep-frying

Preparation: Boil potatos until soft. Knead a passta dough with flour, oil, salt and app. 200 ml warm water, wrap it in clear film and set aside to rest. Peel the boiled potatoes and mash them with a press, mix with quark, grey cheese, whey cheese, onions, wild chive, salt and pepper and stetch the filling with milk till its spreadable. Knead the dough once more into a roll, and cut it into 24 parts each app 20g. Now flatten them on a pastry board with a rolling pin and a little wheat flour till they are round and really thin. Spread the filling on the bottom half, fold and crimp the edges. Heat enough clarified butter in a Pan to deep-fry the „Krapfen“ till they are golden-brown. Serve with sour cream and milk.

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