Hexenwasser Söll & Hohe Salve Mountain

Marvel – Grasp – Comprehend
Every day from 9am to 5:30pm, the “Hexenwasser” park invites you and the whole family to discover and experience the mysterious side of “the wet element” (aka H2O) – at more than 60 interactive installations! “Buzz Stone”, “Witches‘ Fire Place”, “Singing Water Bowl”, “Witches‘ Stone Mill”, “House of the Bee Queen”, “Witch Ladder” – these are just few of the installations that look, sound, and feel like magical contraptions straight out of a fairytale! It‘s a fairytale for all ages – “from ages 3 to 103”, if you will. The “Hexenwasser” guides will assist you so you can be sure you (and those with you) get the most out of your visit. Take a barefoot walk over sticks and stones, through brooks, and across meadows: let our record-breaking barefoot trail give you a revitalizing reflexology massage unlike another. Watching the busy bees take off and land at our “bees theater”, tracing their mysterious honeycomb dance, and even spying into the darkness inside the closed beehive – that‘s a truly inspiring experience that lets you look at your breakfast honey with different eyes.

Experience your “Blue Wonder”
When it‘s cloudy and/or rainy outside, that‘s what we at the “Hexenwasser” call “witches‘ weather”, and it‘s when the indoor adventure exhibit called “Blaues Wunder” really shines: it‘s a place where the magic of “the wet element” seeps out of every nook and cranny! 
NEW: Take the “Keat Lift” to the hiking paradise
It‘s the fantastic view on the “Kaiser”, which welcomes you right when you hop off at the “Keat Lift” mountain station! A great appetizer for what awaits hiking enthusiasts throughout the next few hours hiking along the “Spring Hiking Trail”. This trail lets you take a complete tour around the “Hohe Salve“ mountain: starting at its dark side, all along its sunny side, and back again!

Special programs for kids: assisted interactive installations, playgrounds, slides, climbing facilities, waterplays

Culinary specialties: Traditional cuisine “Kiachl & Krapfen” (“Cakes & Pastries”)

Insider tips & tips of any other kind: New this summer: take the “Keat Bahn” lift to the “Quellenwanderweg”

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Hexenwasser Söll & Hohe salve mountain
6306 Söll
Stampfanger 21

Tel. +43 5333 5260
Fax: +43 5333 5260 / 4010


Opening hours:
May 14th to Oct 23rd
every day, from 9am - 5.30pm

Price range: Adults: E 19.50
Children: E 10.–

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