FINKENBERG Open-Air Schürzenjäger 2019


The Alpine Rock Festival! 
03.08.2019 - Finkenberg, Schürzenjäger Open Air 2019

The Line Up is ready: SCHÜRZENJÄGER, Da Rocka & Da Waitler, Lanny Lanner & Band, Dominik Ofner & Band, Gringo Bavaria and Jason Nussbaumer.

A day before the open air the SCHÜRZENJАGER are inviting you to join the warmup together with the Zillertaler Mander. Many friends from inside and outside of Austria offer first class party atmosphere! The music groups guarantee a unique spectacle of home made and international rock in the alps! 

With a perfect mix from good old Schürzenjäger hymns, some Bavarian melodies together with classic rock and daily hits - perfectly to sing together with an amazing unforgettable atmosphere!

Be a part and get your tickets now for the Open Air of the Schürzenjäger!

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FINKENBERG Open-Air Schürzenjäger 2019

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